China Prefab Building Summit Forum 1
The epidemic has changed the world, society and people's ideology and living habits.

On May 24, While attending the third session of the 13th National People's Congress (NPC), General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that preventing and defusing major covid-19 outbreaks and public health risks has a bearing on national security and development as well as social and political stability. We will reform the disease prevention and control system, enhance the capacity for epidemic surveillance and early warning and emergency response, improve the system for treating major epidemics, improve laws and regulations on public health emergency response, deepen the patriotic health campaign, and strive to rationalize relations and strengthen responsibility at the institutional and institutional level.

General Secretary Xi Jinping has pointed out that the patriotic health campaign in the new era should focus on prevention and advocate a civilized, healthy, green and environmentally friendly lifestyle. At present, wearing masks when going out, putting out garbage in different categories, keeping a social distance, promoting the use of public chopsticks for separate meals, and making appointments online to see a doctor are quietly becoming a good social trend. These healthy and civilized practices should be promoted and adhered to.

It is not hard to see that affected by the biggest epidemic in the past century, every country and every citizen will pay more attention to public health, epidemic prevention and control and individual protection, and bring a new round of development opportunities to relevant industries. In the next few years, these industries will usher in an explosive growth cycle. As a major manufacturing country, how To seize the opportunity and follow the trend will become a major issue that will test the wisdom and courage of relevant business leaders.