hande brewHarbin Hande Light Industry Medical Equipment Co. LTD

Registered capital of 30 million, the company's assets of 90 million. Is a collection of scientific research and development, processing and manufacturing, engineering installation in one of the private science and technology enterprises. Since its establishment in 1995, it has developed rapidly and become a leading enterprise in the installation of professional brewery equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, dairy products, food processing equipment, kitchen equipment and large stainless steel complete sets of equipment. Exported to the United States, Russia, Australia, Belgium, South Korea, Vietnam, South Africa, north Korea, Vietnam and other places more domestic first-line brand, micro brewing equipment senior equipment production enterprise, at the same time, colleges provide complete simulation training equipment, the production of beer, wine and milk products to achieve high school students doing, teachers teach in do effective knowledge model. The company consists of technology development and research center, equipment processing plant, Beijing branch, Shanghai branch, Chengdu branch, commercial detergent company, raw material company and other scientific research, production, sales and service agencies

Company technology research center of unity of research and product development, mechanical design and manufacturing, mechanical and electrical integration, computer software and hardware design, the brewing process and so on various disciplines and industries of high-quality scientific and technological personnel, Dr. 1, master's 3, 18 of mechanical engineers, software engineers, four, four electrical engineers, process engineers 5. Scientific research equipment, developed to develop domestic and international advanced wort filter press, continuous expansion of experimental equipment, beer yeast, yeast, yeast added storage devices, ice beer equipment, beer bottles beauty machine, beer special drinks sold our car and a series of beer industry professional equipment, and provide advanced pipeline for the brewery renovation project.

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